Intel chiefs issue a thinly-veiled 'pound sand, Donald!'

Top intel officials reject Trump view on Russia hacks

Our Donald and his Trumpkins have been going on about all the whiners who insist that the Russians hacked the election.

In doing so, Our Donald - and his Trumpkins - continue to miss the point, continue to deny the findings - that the Russians have indeed been hacking our various systems. Perhaps that is them - the Trumpkins - circling the wagons; after all, it would not do to have a presidential election manipulated by the Russians. It would detract from Our Donald's self-assessed greatness. It would mean that We the People didn't elect him based on our realization that he is our God-anointed Savior; that he required assistance from his good friend, 'Bad Vlad' Putin.

And they continue to miss the point, to ignore the point, to stick their heads in the sand ... the Russians are not only coming, they have arrived.

Russia's hacks are an attack on this country. To ignore this is stupidity beyond measure.

In his opening questions to Clapper, McCain noted the intelligence community's conclusion that the cyberthefts and disclosures were intended to interfere with the US election process and could only have been authorized by Russia's most senior levels.

"We stand actually more resolutely by the strength of that statement that we made on the seventh of October," Clapper said. McCain then asked whether the cyberattacks changed the results of the election and if they had, whether that constituted an act of war.

But of course, Our Donald knows better. After all, he has Julian Assange, a paragon of honesty, virtue, and truth. Sean Hannity says so. Now, he says so. In the past, not so much.

But not the intelligence chiefs:

McCain asked Clapper whether Assange had endangered men and women serving the US with his earlier release of State Department cables.

"Yes, he has," Clapper said.

I certainly believe Clapper, giving him far more credence than Our Donald, Hannity, and Assange. Our Donald is blatheringly ignorant; Hannity is a shameless sycophant; Assange is a criminal.

Trump's Wednesday tweet about Assange drew veiled rebukes from senior national security Republicans, including Graham, who called Trump's touting of Assange "disturbing."

"Disturbing?" What an understatement. For The Man Who Will Be President to praise and tout a shitbird like Assange is mind-boggling.

"Today, Trump sided with Julian Assange -- an alleged sex offender who has hidden out in the Ecuadorian embassy for years and has dumped millions of classified State Department documents that put US persons at risk -- rather than our country's own intelligence professionals," California Rep. Adam Schiff, the leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said in a statement. 

Our Donald says we should 'move on.'

The intelligence leaders stressed before the Senate that instead of "moving on," Russia requires vigilance.

"Russia is a full-scope cyber actor that poses a major threat to US government, military, diplomatic, commercial, and critical infrastructure and key resource networks because of its highly advanced offensive cyber program and sophisticated tactics, techniques, and procedures," they said.

But Our Donald doesn't think so, though his latest Twittering has him once again ignoring his previous Twits:

Trump tweeted that "the media lies to make it look like I am against 'Intelligence' when in fact I am a big fan!"

The man's mouth is his biggest liability.

"I am a big fan!"

What does this clown think this is.  One of his beauty contests?