"Know-Nothing" politics

I've referenced the 'Know-Nothing Party' before.

I've referenced it because there is little difference in mindset and goals between the old Know-Nothings and today's Republican Party generally, and the Trumpkins specifically.

And now, The Guardian brings it up in connection with the beheading of the State Department:

Trump's state department purge sparks worries of 'know-nothing approach' to foreign policy

When Daniel Baer, the former US ambassador to the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, was preparing to leave this month, he offered to visit Washington to brief the transition team. Such briefings are part of an outgoing ambassador’s duties – they are laid out in the state department’s foreign affairs manual – and there were sensitive issues to discuss, including the upcoming renewal of the team monitoring the Ukraine conflict. Baer was told his parting advice would not be required.

“I worry about a know-nothing approach to foreign policy,” he said. “The whole thing can’t be done by shooting from the hip. There is a responsibility you have to the citizens you are governing to make an effort to have the information on which decisions are made.

“If I were in the transition, I would not want to scatter 60 ambassadors to the winds. I would want to hear what is going on in their regions, I would want to know where the bodies are buried.”

Know-Nothing politics. The hallmark of the Trump administration.