Monica Crowley and HarperCollins

The nonsense about the Starbucks CEO is yet another shameless lie being circulated by TrueAmericans™ (basically Trump supporters, since everyone else is a collection of hopelessly stupid Godless libtards). It doesn't take much effort to refute this kind of garbage, as we see in this article from Christian Post.
I always thought gossip-mongering was one of the great sins (though you would never know it from most churches); apparently if you are a Trumpkin, gossiping, spreading lies, and other forms of character assassination are just fine. Perhaps God makes an exception for Trumpkins?
He must. Look at the Monica Crowley scandal.
The evidence that Trump's pick for his 'national security team' is a lying fake is clear and overwhelming. Yet Team Trump takes this position:
"Any attempt to discredit Monica is nothing more than a politically motivated attack that seeks to distract from the real issues facing this country," the spokesperson said."
Apparently HarperCollins doesn't share that view; the publisher is pulling her book. Much in the same way that Thomas Nelson pulled the book of that other charlatan, David Barton.
Monica joins the ranks of literary thieves. It's not the first time she has done it, which one would think would have given HarperCollins pause before accepting Crowley's 'conservative' nonsense for publication in the first place.
Crowley plagiarized part of a Wall Street Journal article back in 1999.
The scandal widens, however. In addition to stealing content for her book, she is now accused of plagiarizing for her PhD dissertation.
Crowley brings new meaning to the term, "Piled Higher and Deeper."
Doesn't faze the Trumpkins, though. It's all very interesting, considering that one of the main objections to Clinton, by the Trumpkins, is her incessant lying. An immoral man cannot provide moral leadership, and a constituency that will accept that immorality, is by extension, just as immoral.
I think what this all means is this: If a Trump supporter tells you something, you can assume he/she/it is lying. Truth, despite all their Outrage!™ matters not to them. This is particularly interesting, given that so many of the Trumpkins claim to be "Christians."
The excuse most frequently offered by the Trumpkins is ...'well, the libtards do it!'
Based on that incredibly ignorant logic, Jesus should have taken the hook during the Temptations by Satan. Jesus' logic? "What the hell, Satan does it ...". It fits the logic of the 'Christian' Right perfectly.