"Namby-pamby, pantywaisted, weak-kneed Christians"

That's from the fellow who seems to be serving in the role of Our Donald's personal pastor these days.

Inflammatory pastor to speak before Trump's inauguration

Jeffress has endorsed Trump, going so far as to introduce the ball-cap merchant at several rallies, including one in Dallas, and lay hands on the man during a fringe-group love-in at Trump Tower. And now he sounds like Trump, slinging slurs on national television in defense of a biblical illiterate casino-runner whom Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, once dismissed as just another "angry politician" who "incites division with slurs against Hispanic immigrants and with protectionist jargon that preys on turning economic insecurity into ugly 'us vs. them' identity politics."

Jeffress is a Southern Baptist preacher. He is quite comfortable slinging insults and disparagement regarding Catholics, Jews, Mormons ... and a host of others as well.

This is OK, however, for it seems to represent the views of The Eighty Percent.

"I believe any conservative Christian who refuses to vote or throws away his vote in November is nothing but a hypocrite and a fool," said Jeffress, his ears growing redder with each spat-out consonant. 

Jews, Mormons, Muslims, and Gays are going to hell

He gave Catholics a bye on that one.

Hypocrite. Well. I guess I missed how it's perfectly OK to spew vitriol and hateful invective. Perhaps Jeffress or some RealChristians™ can help me out. Is it in the Sermon on the Mount? Gospel of John? Perhaps somewhere in Paul's scribblings?

But here's the thing.

Ivanka is Jewish. So is her husband, Jared Kushner. Ivanka converted from Presbyterianism to Judaism, and they were married in an Orthodox ceremony.

So ... Ivanka and her husband and kids are going to hell? One wonders ... will that be in a handbasket, or simply in the usual course of things.