"She was askin' for it ..."

We've all heard that one.

The female college student (they used to be called 'co-eds') who goes to a frat party, gets drunk enough to puke through her nose ... and ends up being used as a sexual punchboard by a collection of drunken frat boys.

I think we can all agree that the female in question clearly wasn't overly bright.

But to blame her for the crimes while downplaying the fratties' animal behavior is so much nonsense.

So too is the latest out of Our Donald's 'team.'

The Russian hacks are all the Dems' fault.

There's no question that the Dems were - still are, for that matter - dumber than dog poop over all this, and more.

But that makes the assault against the nation by the Russians ...the Dems' fault?


That follows the same 'logic' as blaming the co-ed for getting gang-banged.

I'm seriously beginning to wonder if Our Donald really isn't a Manchurian candidate of some kind. Yeah, I know ... it sounds like a wild-eyed conspiracy thing. But hey ... the birthers kept  the 'Obama's a Kenyan' and 'Obama's a Muslim pretender' thing going for years with absolutely no evidence to support either position. A lot of GOPers still believe both. Of course, going with a bit of stupidity because 'the Democrats did/do it!' is a favorite mantra of the GOP ... so I guess we'll pass on the Manchurian candidate thing, and just chalk it up to the GOP being ... the GOP.

But we do seem to have a president-elect, who, along with his staff, clearly have Russian interests at heart more than those of the United States. How many times to we have to have it shoved in our faces?