"...shocked ... shocked, I tell you ..."

The latest bit of downright stupidity from one of our CongressCritters:

“Russia spying on the U.S. is not news,” said Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and a top Trump ally. “It’s what they do. A lot is being made about something that’s already known. To all the people acting shocked, it’s as if they’re shocked there is gambling going on in a casino.”

OK, so Nunes has apparently watched Casablanca.

What we want to know is this. What is Our Donald, and the GOP, since they hold both the Congress and the White House, going to do about it, other than stick their heads in the sand and play it like it's meaningless.

Sean Spicer, who is supposed to become White House communications director, and who should know better, but apparently does not, came up with this jewel:

Transition spokesman Sean Spicer, slated to become White House communications director upon Trump’s inauguration, said Sunday that intelligence officials will brief Trump this week on the election-related hacking.

He suggested on ABC’s “This Week” that the retaliatory sanctions President Obama imposed against Russia last week — which included the expulsion of 35 suspected intelligence agents — may not have been justified.

“The question is, is that response in proportion to the actions taken?” Spicer said. “Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but you have to think about that.”

Yeah. Think about it, Spicer.

Our Donald, Spicer, and a good part of the GOP is focused on the histrionics over the Russians influencing the election. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't; but you have to think about it. And while thinking about it, how about considering the bigger picture here; the threat that foreign hacking presents to the security of our utilities infrastructures, our command/control/communications infrastructure, our fiscal infrastructure.

Or are we to do as Our Donald suggests, and send it all by hand-written notes, by courier.

Pony Express, anyone?