Smokin' some Hopium

Tumult surrounds Trump days ahead of his presidency

Vice President-elect Mike Pence, however, said Trump has a mandate even as Democrats point out he lost the popular vote and question the legitimacy of his victory.

"Donald Trump won a landslide election," Pence said Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation." "The American people spoke decisively, they wanted change and I promise ... come noon this coming Friday, change really begins and we are going to make America great again."

"Mandate?" "Landslide?" I'd like some of the Hopium that Pence is smoking.

The Democrats are wrong about Trump not being 'legitimate.' Sadly, he is. But he lost the popular vote by a good measure, and his electoral college win was 46th out of 58 elections. That's hardly a 'mandate', or a 'landslide.'

"His approval rating stood at 44% a week before the inauguration, according to Gallup. President Barack Obama was at 83% at the equivalent moment, George W. Bush was at 61% and Bill Clinton at 68%.

A Pew Research poll found that 39% of Americans approve of the way Trump has outlined his policies while a Quinnipiac poll put his approval rating at 37% last week."

Repeating ... that's hardly a 'mandate', or a 'landslide.'