The 'Christian' Way

Oh hoo hoo hoo ... this is a good one. Linda Bean claims to be a 'Christian,' yet when it comes to being boycotted, she has a hissy fit. 'Christians' are the masters of the boycott threat. Happy holidays? Boycott 'em! Crush 'em! Drive 'em into bankruptcy! Kill all the jobs of those stockers and cashiers and floor moppers! It's the 'Christian' Way!

Linda Bean Calls Boycott ‘Un-American,’ Trump Says Thank You in Tweet

Speaking of Un-American ...

Fairly typical, from L.L. Bean.

AFA, that paragon of 'Christian' values and behaviors, even publishes a list, so RealChristians™ know which businesses to try to drive into righteous bankruptcy.

But fortunately, not everyone agrees, though of course we all know that Relevant is a hangout for all those Emerging Churchers/New Agers/Millennials/SJW types and so on. 

and ... trouble in Paradise? This is from the Lewiston, ME L.L. Bean plant:

Photo from the New York Times