"The Feds"

Trump threatens to ‘send in the feds’ to address Chicago ‘carnage’

A new height ... or depth ... of executive stupidity.

Who is he going to 'send in?'

The US Marshals? The 82nd Airborne? The FBI? And won't the FBI be a hoot, policing the mean streets of The Second City, in their 5.11 tactical trousers, polo shirts, really kewl sunglasses, and those snappy windbreakers.

So Trump's Army meets with resistance. Then what? Someone tells him about Lincoln suspending habeas corpus? They'd have to tell him; the only thing he's read since brushing up on heel spurs is the menu in some posh restaurant.

So he declares a 'national emergency' and suspends habeas corpus.

And then what happens.


You read it here first.

BTW ... the Guard ain't the Feds, unless Our Leader does a Title 10 or Title 32 activation. Use for civil law enforcement is limited by Posse Comitatus under Title 10; it is not so limited under Title 32 . However, the governor and state adjutant general retain command under Title 32, not Generalissimo Trump.