The Liberation Tradition

Fr. Richard goes on about liberation theology this morning.

"I would like to assert that the theme of liberation is the largest frame in which to understand spirituality. The term liberation theology has a negative connotation for some people. It sounds like something heretical, leftist, or Marxist, and certainly not biblical. In real fact, it is at the heart of the Judeo-Christian tradition and marks the tradition’s very beginning. It is amazing that much of Christianity has been able to avoid the obvious for so long, probably because many of us read history from the top down and seldom from the bottom up, which is the recurring perspective of both the Hebrew and the Christian Scriptures."

He is correct about the 'negative connotation' for some people. No less a personage that Pope Emeritus Benedict had strong negative feelings about it.The murderous right-wing fascist regimes supported by the United States in Central and South America didn't like it, either.

Martin Luther King, Jr, however, understood the concept and its biblical foundation quite well.

If our president-elect can take a break from beating up John Lewis on Twitter, and do a bit of thinking for a change, he might understand it as well.