Trump misses the point

Putin's 'act of war' against American democracy

From the article:

If that were not enough reason for alarm, Trump's reaction shows he either doesn't comprehend the seriousness of the matter, he does not care or, perhaps, as some have suggested, he's not committed to America's democracy.

In fact, it seems that the President-elect is only able to view the issue through his self-interest. Somehow, he cannot look beyond the impact this has on his image as the winner of the election. That self-centered view is in sharp contrast with Republicans (and Democrats) in Congress who have managed to rise above partisanship to face up to what has just happened.

Clearly, Trump misses the point. This is not about him; it is about protecting the country he has been elected to govern from an active and deliberate threat.

Our Donald's Trumpkins, like him, just don't get it. A typical response:

"Well, why didn't the Democrats show any concern about the Russians till they got hacked?"

Screw the Democrats. It isn't about them. It's about the Russians - the old Soviet Union; there is no moral difference - carrying out attacks against this country.

But the Trumpkins are too busy still going on about "Obama is a Muslim; " and the birth certificate, and ... of course ... Benghazi.

And posting moronic Internet memes.