A fingerpointer-in-chief

"In the aftermath this week of the botched raid in Yemen that left one US Navy SEAL dead and three more wounded, as well as another three hurt in an Osprey crash, the Trump White House pointed the finger at the previous administration.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer, laying out how the raid came together, was clear to note that it was approved by the Obama administration before it was passed off and approved by Trump.

"Clearly, that was under the last administration," Spicer said while going through the key dates in the raid. And White House officials, speaking with the benefit of not identifying themselves, were quick to note that Pentagon officials had discussed and even signed off on the plan."

Yeah yeah yeah ... and whine whine whine. This is pathetic. Trump is the commander-in-chief. He gave the order. He did. It wasn't Obama. It was Trump. Trump's 'team' in the Pentagon said it was good to go. Trump accepted that.  Now Our Donnie is blaming Obama; blaming the Pentagon, blaming everyone but himself.

Apparently this sort of thing is OK in the business CEO world, but in the military, a commander who scapegoats, who blames others for his poor decisions and failures, is not held in much regard at all.

As we see here, he doesn't have the balls to take responsibility for *his* decision. Hey Donnie. You ain't gonna make Merka Grate Agin with no balls, dude.

"No Balls Donnie."