America's version of "The Upside Down"

I can only hope that Mattis has removed the launch codes from the 'football,' and replaced them with an iPad loaded with an endless loop of Jake Tapper clips.

That way, if this lunatic ever makes a grab for the codes, he will be so distracted by Tapper that he'll forget about the nukes.

Failing that, I just hope Mattis can tackle him and bring him to the ground if he ever makes a grab for the codes.

This is the most unhinged and incoherent spectacle on the part of a US president I have ever seen, and I've been watching 'em since the fifties.

OTOH, I laughed so hard at this idiot my gut hurts.

From The Rolling Stone:

18 WTF moments from Trump Unhinged

Tapper's 'unhinged' comment:

And then there were the strawberries ...

As I watched the presser, I could not help but think of Humphrey Bogart's great performance as Captain Queeg. It fits Ol' Heel Spurs to a 'T'.