Another murder in Connecticut

Here's another illegal who committed murder in Connecticut. But Ol' Heel Spurs and Spicer don't want to point fingers at Malloy on that one because ...

Chadwick’s mother, Wendy Hartling, says she is working on introducing new laws in Connecticut to help change deportation policies and believes that had the ICE and The Department of Homeland Security done their jobs, her daughter might still be here.

An illegal immigrant who stabbed a young Connecticut woman to death after completing a 15-year sentence for murder couldn’t be deported by the U.S. government because his homeland, which receives billions in aid from Uncle Sam, wouldn’t take him back—three times! So federal authorities released the violent criminal, a Haitian national, and didn’t even bother tracking his whereabouts allowing him to commit yet another heinous crime."

[Casey] murdered Chadwick just five months after he was released from prison after serving 17 years for attempted murder in a separate case. Failed attempts to deport Jacques back to Haiti led ICE officials to set him free in early 2015.

Probably Obama's fault on that one, too. Why wouldn't Haiti take that guy back? Because ... he had no documentation to prove he was Haitian.

So once again, we ask the question ... if the illegal to be deported has no documentation to prove from whence she came, and the alleged nation of origin won't accept her without such documention - and who can blame them - what exactly is Ol' Heel Spurs going to do with these hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegals he wants to dispose of?

Do we need the equivalent of the Wannsee Protocol to make the Trumpkins happy?