Francis of Assisi

"Francis of Assisi came before Pope Innocent III to plead, "I do not come here with a new rule; my only rule is the Gospel." Thus did the gospel confirm its inalienable vitality and relevance, in galvanizing both human understanding and even ecclesiastical foundations. It is the common inspiration of all Christians of all times and all mileaux, but its abrupt recrudescence periodically provokes a spiritual and institutional crisis, against which it is clearly preferable to measure the pace and standards of the life of the church. " - M. D. Chenu
Medieval historian Father Chenu is talking about the revolution that Francis of Assisi began in the Christian church by attempting to return to gospel values with his new order of Franciscan friars. Chenu points out how every renewal in church history is about returning to the original source and inspiration of the Jesus message and story and that this provokes spiritual and institutional crisis. Do you sense an awakening today, one provoking crises in ecclesiastical complacency? - Matthew Fox, "Christian Mystics - 365 Readings and Meditations"
How's that fit with the moral corruption, the 'spiritual adultery,' of the American church, in this selling of the church soul to worship a pretender such as Trump and his henchmen as some sort of modern-day savior?