Swedish crime stats

For the moment, Ol' Heel Spurs is off on another anti-media rant. He has become distracted from slamming Sweden. He's busy slamming the FBI as well as the media.

But here's the thing on Swedish crime:

Reality Check: Is Malmo the 'rape capital' of Europe?

You see that the agency warns that comparisons between different countries should be avoided because of differences between their legal and criminal justice systems, recording practices, reporting rates, efficiencies of criminal justice organisations and types of offences included in the categories.

There has also been a public debate in Sweden over the past two decades to raise awareness and encourage women to go to the police if they have been attacked.
This has resulted in a higher report rate than in other countries in Europe.

These are factors too complex for the Trumpian mind to grasp. The man needs a bigger manure shovel. I would suggest he use a #16 grain scoop. A #11 works very well as a snow shovel, but Ol' Heel Spurs is way past that.