"...we can make them disappear ..."

Why do people not trust ICE and DHS regarding immigration?
Here's one example:
"If you don't have enough evidence to charge someone criminally but you think he's illegal, we can make him disappear."
- James Pendergraph, Former Executive director of the ICE Office of State and Local Coordination, August 21, 2008, speaking at the Police Foundation's national conference on immigration issues.
"Make him disappear?"
OK, that was back in 2008. Given the levels of rhetoric we are seeing out of Ol' Heel Spurs and his Trumpkins, does anyone think that has changed?
The government of the United States can make people disappear?
No shit?
The GOP is always going on about 'American values.' I'm wondering how 'disappearing' people fits with that. It sounds more like something out of Pinochet's government. Which, come to think on it, was backed by the United States ... by our good ol' pals, Nixon and Kissinger. Well ... given the levels of rhetoric, it really doesn't seem all that far-fetched.
God bless America.