Donald Trump versus the World

"... it was intended for the consumption of the forty per cent of Americans who, according to the latest Gallup poll data, approve of the job he is doing as President. Even some people in this demographic, particularly those who grew up during the Cold War, may have had difficulty rallying around the line that it’s time for America to cozy up to Putin and the Russkies."

I am certainly not part of the forty percent. But I am one of those who grew up in the Cold War.

The Trumpkins had a real hard time with this:

I have a real hard time with the visual of the President of the United States on his knees, fumbling with the zipper on the trousers of a former KGB thug.

Obama just complied with the social norms of the Japanese and other cultures when he 'humiliated America.'

A good argument can be made that Ol' Heel Spurs is selling America's soul in order to fill his own coffers.

Where's the 'Christian' Right's Outrage!™ over that?

Here's another:

The deeper concern behind Flynn's resignation

To put the story in simplest terms:

1) Russian spies hacked Democratic Party communications in order to help elect Donald Trump.

2) Donald Trump welcomed the help, used it, publicly solicited more of it—and was then elected president of the United States.

3) President Obama sanctioned Russia for its pro-Trump espionage.

4) While Russia considered its response, its ambassador spoke with the national security adviser-designate about the sanctions.

5) The adviser, Flynn, reportedly asked Russia not to overreact, signaling that the new administration would review the sanctions; Russia did not respond.

6) As president-elect and then president, Donald Trump has indicated that he seeks to lift precisely those sanctions caused by Russia’s espionage work on his behalf.

So. Did Trump dump Flynn to get him out of the direct line of fire ... because Flynn was doing all this at Trump's direction?

That question is why there needs to be a serious investigation of this mess.