An email to Ken Buck

From your latest newsletter:

"We need to move forward and work on new legislation that makes insurance more affordable and that drives down the cost of care."

The GOP has had seven years to come up with something better than Obamacare. TrumpCare was a farce, a half-witted scheme that made Obamacare look like a work of genius in comparison.

The GOP has tried, rather stupidly and clearly ineffectively, to 'repeal' Obamacare some 60 times in the last seven years. TrumpCare was the culmination of ineffective, disorganized political buffoonery.

Do you really believe that TrumpCare was better? Seriously?

Take a read of this:

Paul Ryan brought down to size

and tell me, if you can, where they are wrong.

And tell me, if you can, where that disorganized, incoherent, lying-through-his-teeth-with-every-breath clown in the Oval is accomplishing anything worthwhile.