Ol' Heel Spurs' speech

Three failures of Trump's speech

Good assessment of The Speech. As noted elseplace, it was well-written, and delivered in good fashion. At least he didn't 'show up in a clown suit' and rattle and prattle about the size of his inauguration crowds. Or bitch about the press being mean to him.

OTOH, as noted in the article, it was pretty much empty fluff, long on rhetoric, containing a bit of tear jerker faux 'patriotism' - at least he didn't tell the widow it was all the generals' fault - long on rhetoric, devoid of substance.

There’s much more to the story of the fallen Navy SEAL Trump praised in his speech to Congress

Most presidents take responsibility for failed raids. Trump blamed the military.

"Still, Trump’s blunt refusal to accept personal responsibility for the Yemen raid burns because it marks such an incredible betrayal of his office and the awesome responsibility that our president must shoulder, especially in the national security sphere. A president who passes the buck is not one we can trust to lead our military or keep us safe."