Rachel Maddow, laughingstock

Well, Rachel Maddow made an ass of herself, with her ... dare I say it ... 'Trumped up' extravaganza over the cherry-picked tax return.

All that, for two pages of one return, that was, as we are beginning to discern, leaked by TeamTrump™ itself.

A cherry-picked return, without any of the additional data, out of 25 years and more worth of returns. Leaked conveniently in the midst of the blood-letting over TrumpCare™, and PutinGate.

Pretty Slick (no reference to Bill intended or construable) if you ask me. A good bit of the news cycle went to this bit of fluff, diverting attention from the slime oozing out of the Oval Office over the connection between Franklin Graham's Great Defender of the Christian Faith and ol' Heel Spurs ... as well as drifting the focus away from the shit sandwich called TrumpCare™. It's worthy of comparison with any obfuscation perpetrated by the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Rachel Maddow. A perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with the left. Now stick your other foot in, Rache.