Russell Moore and the 'Christian' Right

Why evangelical opposition to Russell Moore is deluded

"Anyone who thinks Russell Moore should lose his job is advancing a vile heresy and a dangerous idolatry — that Christian leaders should ardently praise the Republican Party’s chosen leader no matter how vile, obnoxious and un-Christian he is.

The problem for the anti-Moore set — and it is a small club of crusty old insiders — is not political, but religious. Moore’s critics are blind to the lessons of politics, but they are also failing a spiritual test.

What immoralities would they not abide for a chance to eat crumbs from the president’s table? What sins and crimes would they consider severe enough to split with a Republican politician over?

Churches that would withhold support for denominational agencies also undermine and besmirch the work of Southern Baptists in other areas: evangelism, theological education, disaster relief, etc."

One might successfully argue that Isaiah's opening rant (Isaiah 1:10-20) applies directly to the 'anti-Moore set,' and a goodly portion of the GOP as well. Come to think on it, Matthew 23 in its entirety is not at all out of place in a critique of Ol' Heel Spurs' "administration" (or whatever that three ring circus is), as well as 'the anti-Moore set' particularly and the Religious Right generally.