A tax plan and a new national dish

Here we go! If not 'the' Day of Days, then 'a' day of days ... as Ol' Heel Spurs rolls out his greatest ever Tax Plan! In broad principles, of course. Unless someone with some literary talent has written his speech for him, and unless he sticks to it without variation, we will be treated to another spectacle of fragmented phrases, finger waves, pursed lips, pregnant pauses, and variations of 'It's gonna be great,' 'you're gonna love it,' 'believe me!' and so on. And, possibly even some references to the size of his ... inauguration crowd, and how he won the election, as though, perhaps, he doesn't really believe it himself ("WTF am I doing here?")

Meanwhile, Mexican tuna is about to become the American National Dish.

Do you want it in water-pack, oil-pack, in cans, or in vacuum packed bags.

No longer will MLB be serving over-priced weenies at games. Nope. It will be ... tuna! And we ain't talkin' tuner sammitches, either ... nope ... tuna tostadas! Served with a side of crow. Waiting now, with bated breath, for another example of wonderful accomplishment, all geared toward Makin' Merka Grate Agin!