Earth Day and March for Science

Errors made about creation will result in errors about God as well. The opinion is false of those who assert that it makes no difference to the truth of faith what anyone holds about creatures, so long as one thinks rightly about God. For error about creatures spills over into false opinion about God and takes people's minds away from God, to whom faith seeks to lead them. For this reason scripture threatens punishment to those who err about creatures): (Psaom 28:5) "Because they have not really understood the works of the Lord and the work of God's hands, you will destroy them, and not build them up." There can be no question that to study creatures is to build up one's Christian faith.

 - Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles, Ch. 2 n. 3.

In some areas of his scribblings, Aquinas states 'creation' rather than 'creatures.'

That some scientists might be atheists - and a good many are not - does not lessen the truth of Aquinas' observation.

I have always found it interesting that the most vocal opponents of science, as opposed to biblical literalness, are evangelicals - fundamentalists in particular. By insisting that the bible serve as a science text, they give God short shrift in the complexity and extent of all that exists within that which he has created. It amazes me that people of the 21st century can insist on holding to a 'scientific' world view driven by how a collection of Neolithic goatherds understood the universe.