Hoist by his own fake news petard

Putin Hoists Trump on His Own Fake News Petard

"The succulent truth of the chemical attack is that Putin’s lying mouth has forced Trump to endorse the findings and accuracy of his own intelligence establishment—the same intelligence establishment he has repeatedly vilified on Twitter and compared to Nazis."


"Not that Trump isn’t capable of slithering his way out of an unflattering or criminal finding of his campaign’s conduct. As he proved during the campaign, he will go to any length to avoid horrid truths about his views and his conduct. The master of diversion, he maintains a stockpile of news glitter he can dispense at a moment’s notice to reroute the national debate into one of his vile culs-de-sac. Alas, his fidelity to the truth—the chemwar finding—is consistent with the rest of his persona: It’s situational."

And 'yep' again. It was said of Ben Carson that 'he has a complicated relationship with the truth.'

With Ol' Heel Spurs, it is much simpler. The man has no relationship with the truth