Imitation and flattery

I'm wondering what kind of syrup he likes on his waffles.

3 big ways Trump is starting to sound like Obama on the economy

 "In an interview Wednesday with the Wall Street Journal, Trump reversed his stance on three economic issues, moving closer to the policies of his predecessor. Trump has continually changed his policies since launching his presidential campaign in 2015, and whether his latest statements represent a shift or a one-off set of comments remains to be seen. But if Trump follows through on his latest promises, he'll have adopted a large segment of Obama's economic platform."

Apparently The Big O wasn't quite the Compleat Incompetent Ol' Heel Spurs would like us to believe. What's that they say about imitation and flattery?

Of course, by this time tomorrow, he could have changed his 'mind' again, and be off on some totally irrational tangent.