Low-rent Palin

Palin invited Ted Nugent and Kid Rock to the White House because 'Jesus was booked'

This is very disappointing.

I can't imagine what Jesus was thinking.

Turning down an invitation to slurp grits with Ol' Heel Spurs *and* Sarah "DoubleWide" Palin?

How can He consider Himself a RealAmerican™?

And how does this affect the GOP vetting Him as chairperson for the RNC?

I mean, like, it's enough to rattle one's faith.

I'll confess to at first thinking Palin was great. It didn't take long for her cheap, low-rent behaviors and attitudes to come bubbling up. Now, she's where she belongs, on the edges of the trash heap of history. That Ol' Heel Spurs would invite this trailer trash to the White House is not in the least surprising. He is the best evidence that being obscenely rich can't buy you class.

Nugent?  I'll confess to having had mixed feelings about him. He has that out-spoken all-Merkin quality that many people admire. But too often, he just comes across as a rude asshole, also an example of how having a pile of money, and even some talent, can't buy you class. This latest episode just goes to show you you can take the boy out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the boy.

Kid Rock is not a factor. From my perspective, a non-entity.

Here's the thing that got it all moving:

On Wednesday evening, she posted one of the three guests making faces in front of Hillary Clinton’s White House portrait from her time as first lady.

“Yeah, yeah,” Palin said Thursday on CNN. “I think the picture says it all.”

Yeah, yeah. It sure does. We can thank God that this childish bit of low-rent trash didn't end up as Vice President of the United States.

Best comment I"ve seen yet on the photo op:

"Yeah, Sarah Palin, that's Hillary's portrait hanging in the White House. Where's yours?"