Pence and his A-2 jacket

America Can’t Do Much About North Korea ... but whatever it can do, it will need China.

I must say that Pence looked pretty spiffy, in his personalized USAF A-2. No, it wasn't a 'Top Gun' Navy flight jacket. Those are G-1's, with a faux fur collar and no epaulets.

But he did look spiffy. Like a real bad ass. And he went out there and stared sternly at the NORKs. The NORKs, apparently unimpressed, took a bunch of snappies.

Despite that the NORKs didn't cower in fear, I felt a quiver of all-American patriotic passion at the very sight. It just made me want to launch missiles or drop bombs, or at the very least, recite the pledge of allegiance.

Pence's father was in Korea for the first dance-around with the NORKs.  Pence Père received the Bronze Star for his service there.

Pence himself hasn't done much except serve as a political whore most of his life. And posture in a USAF A-2.

Pence Fils in in the Marines.

Veep Pence and Ol' Heel Spurs have had a taste of blood, what with those Tomahawks and the MOAB. Blowing shit up is so much easier than not, and it really works in the polls. There's nothing to get the patriotic juices flowing in Copper Kitchens all across Murrica than a good saber-rattling.

So Pence Fils may have an opportunity to get his own Bronze Star, or maybe even better, like a flag-draped casket, and a couple of buglers, and a firing party, all in dress blues, with a suitably senior Marine officer handing Pence Mère the flag, with a stern-looking Pence the Veep, presumably in his spiffy, patriotic A-2, looking on.

Getting through this without bloodshed on a biblical scale requires a commander-in-chief who can string a couple of thoughts together without sounding like a fourth grader from the lowest quartile on the standardized tests. Someone who has actually read a book or two about history, and strategy, and politics on the world stage.

We don't have that. We have Trump, a buffoon who has discovered bombs. Big bombs. The best bombs in the world.