Remember when the White House had faith?

Remember when the White House had faith?

I do.

"But as Christians, we believe that redemption can be delivered — by faith in Jesus Christ. And the possibility of redemption can make straight the crookedness of a character; make whole the incompleteness of a soul. Redemption makes life, however fleeting here on Earth, resound with eternal hope." - Barack H. Obama

Fast forward to today’s White House, with a man who is undoubtedly one of the most religiously illiterate and thoroughly secular presidents in American history.


Those on the right have been using religion to criticize the White House for years. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney once accused Obama of seeking to “take God out of my heart,” and other Republicans suggested Obama was waging a “war on religion.” Obama was falsely accused of “ending the National Day of Prayer,” while in fact not only did he continue to recognize it, but his Department of Justice defended the day from a lawsuit from a secular activist and won.

Meanwhile, where is the breathless hand-wringing over Trump’s lack of church attendance? Weren’t we told he had a miraculous conversion experience in the run-up to the election?

That breathless handwringing is probably in the same place as all the righteous indignation the 'Christian' Right and other rightwingers frothed up over a president who never served in the military.

Indeed. 'Christian' evangelicals have been seriously snookered. The falseness of Trump was and is readily apparent. Yet for 'Christian' evangelicals, it seems the hallmark of 'The X-Files' trumped [I could not resist] common sense and observable fact.