The arrogance of John Kelly

That comment by Gen'rul Kelly really sticks in the ol' craw.

"... instead of assuming as they should that the men and women of DHS are carrying out their assigned mission in accordance with the law.’’

We the People should never 'assume' that anyone in the government is carrying out their assigned mission in accordance with the law.

Speaking to Kelly's own Beloved Corps ... they'd still be drowning boots in Ribbon Creek, or stuffing them into dryers at Parris Island, or having 'em 'fall' off stairwells, if We the People 'assumed' Kelly and his people were all 'carrying out their assigned mission in accordance with the law.' We wouldn't have more than half of Marine air unfit for service ... though Congress also has a fair amount of responsibility for that one. Or does the gen'rul and Congress intend to point the finger at Obama on that one, too. Then there's a pretty good rash of senior leaders being relieved because their superiors 'have lost confidence in their ability to command and provide leadership.'

Our Beloved Corps *is* in fact one of the nation's most beloved and respected institutions. Most of the time. But ... "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

We the People do not send our kids to serve in Our Beloved Corps so people like Kelly can do WTF they want with them, without question. Serving in the armed forces can be dangerous enough business as it is; why would we want to make it worse by letting the gen'ruls and the colonels have unquestioned and unfettered reign.

The gen'rul needs to grow a thicker skin. He isn't surrounded by sycophantic underlings.

This is precisely why we have a First Amendment. And a 'lying and disloyal' free press.

Trusting the government, assuming they are 'lawful' - the administration, the Congress, and sadly entirely too many of the military command - gives us this:

and this:

and this:

Cause of helicopter collision that killed 12 Marines off Hawaii revealed

The official report said the pilots’ Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii squadron neglected to focus on basic aviation practices, leaving personnel ill prepared for the rigors of flying in formation and in the dark. The pilots had apparently not met minimum flying hour goals prior to the exercise.

Additionally, officials believe the flight should have been cancelled because the unit commander had been fired days before the incident.

By Kelly's thinking, we are to assume that 'officials' are on top of things, all is well, and we are to not question their authority.

Bullshit, gen'rul.