The continuing display of ignorance ...

Trump: 'I Never Realized How Big It Was'

... while Trump can be evasive, and he is often deeply misleading, the AP interview and another recent discussion with The Wall Street Journal are fascinating documents for what they show about a president reckoning frankly with how little he understands the government.

What these documents also show is that Ol' Heel Spurs, shooting off his mouth all during the campaign, had no idea at all what he was talking about. He really still does not.

Nor, apparently, did - nor do - the millions of people who voted for him. They slugged down the Kool-Aid, rally after rally, where all he did was spew out disconnected buzz phrases.

The dawning realization that he is in over his head ... way over his head ... is not in the least dampening his twisting of facts, his 'complicated relationship with the truth.'

The AP interview, linked herein, is well worth a read. It shows a complete disconnect from reality, no different from other such interviews.

I would like to have my president fairly well grounded in this reality, not some alternate universe. A sense of real-world perspective is useful in dealing with the crazies like the Fat Little NORK, Assad, and the Iranians. And sociopaths like Putin.