The evangelical message of worthlessness

From Fr. Richard this morning:

"...and it was good ..."; "... and it was good ..."; "...it was very good ...".

It was good because God saw it was good, and he should know, he made it all. Right?


Fr. Richard's opening observation from this morning's mailbag:

"When Christians defined Jesus in a small way — as a mere problem solver for sin — we soon became preoccupied with sin itself, which is a largely negative foundation. We became blind to much else going on in this world except sin and its effects, which became preoccupations of most monks and reformers. One well- known Protestant reformer actually spoke of “total depravity” to characterize the human situation; another spoke of human nature as “a pile of manure covered with the snow of Christ.” With such a negative anthropology and without inherent human dignity, it is very hard for even a good theology to succeed. Grace can only build on—and perfect—nature; it cannot undo it, says Catholic theology. We must start where the Bible begins in Genesis 1: “It was good, it was good . . . it was very good” (Genesis 1:10-31)."

Then we have:

"Yet many Christian leaders and churches focus on shame and guilt, atonement and reparation, as if we were children frightened of an abusive father. Is there no greater meaning to our individual lives and history than to be chastened, corrected, and “saved” by God? Is there no implanted hope and goodness to first celebrate? The starting point of religion and life cannot be a huge problem. If we start with original sin (beginning with Genesis 3 rather than Genesis 1), our worldview is scarcity rather than abundance."

How many times have we heard these 'evangelicals' rant on about what unworthy worms we are. What losers we are. About how "... Christ died for our worthless, depraved, sad sack selves."

But he apparently did think we were worthy. Otherwise, why go through the whole crucifixion thing? What was the point of all that? I've never gotten an answer to that question that makes any sense at all. Not from the traveling 'evangelicals' with their message of worthlessness.

They're pretty good about passing the hat for 'love offerings,' though.

A pox on 'em all.