The Chamber Pot


City Council has voted to spend $5152.00 on the Chamber of Commerce building, to provide a sorta kinda 'temporary' visitor center.

The money will fund paint, some new carpet, and a bit of an overhaul of the bathroom(s).

Critics are going a bit alpha sierra over the fact that the bathroom(s) will not be ADA compliant.


But the new fixtures - the toilet, the sink, then handrail - will be ADA compliant.

The ramp, the doorway, other factors and features ... no.

Oh, the humanity!

One might well be asking why the facility is not presently ADA compliant.

One might well be asking why the taxpayers are paying for upgrading a building privately owned.

One might well be asking why the building owner isn't keeping the building properly maintained.

And, one might well be asking why the Chamber isn't paying for it.

As for this 'upgrade' or whatever it is not being ADA-compliant ... it doesn't have to be.

Check the parts about 'feasibility' and 'disproportionate costs.'

So. One might well be asking ... why not spend this money for more of the new book drops ... uh ... trash cans? You know. The ones nicely done up in Swink colors. Five Large would be enough for five more of them. They are only a grand apiece, reportedly.

Would not five more book drops/trash cans bring in more tourists than new carpet in the Chamber building? I saw an older couple from Kansas taking pictures of one of the new book drops, commenting that they were going to bring some friends over from Garden City next week to see them for themselves.

"Make it a priority to hire local or regional artists to design/fabricate streetscape elements. For example, artists could create or refurbish existing benches, fencing, trashcans, tables, awnings, shade structures, planters, lighting poles, banners, electrical boxes, paving/stamped concrete, bike racks, crosswalks, etc."

We don't need carpet or paint or new bathroom fixtures.

We need more decorative trash cans; more Rizzuto Stones; some snappy fencing; decorative electrical boxes, and so on. Manhole covers with antelopes on them!

Let's get with the program!