The Islam Two-step

And a hop, skip, and a jump, along with a side-shuffle.

No ... not Ol' Heel Spurs dancing the ardah with the same characters he accused of complicity in 9/11.


His complete 'reset' and waffle on his previous position on Islam, the raving lunatic rants that so endeared him to his base.

New tricks: Donald Trump’s reset on Islam

'Cowards,' he called them. 'Slaveholders.' 'Islam is a malignant cancer,' he said.

In his speech in Saudi Arabia - the one where he kissed their collective asses - he and Tillerson went on about Iran's history of human rights violations ... while ignoring the human rights violations of their Saudi hosts. Neither Iran nor the Saudis have anything to brag about regarding human rights.

Trump also managed to stick a blade in the crack between Sunni and Shia with his shots at mostly Shia Iran ... apparently ignorant of the fact that most terrorists are Sunnis. Like, you know, the Arabs.

Nonetheless, his position and actions are not so very different from Obama's:

But the changes have been in style more than substance. Mr Trump has not ripped up the nuclear agreement with Iran and, like Mr Obama, said he would avoid “sudden interventions” in the region. Moreover, “Obama was pretty good to [the Saudis],” says Thomas Lippman of the Middle East Institute, a think-tank in Washington, DC. He visited the kingdom more times and sold the Saudis more weapons than any other American president before him. In fact, many of the arms deals celebrated by Mr Trump were negotiated under his predecessor, who also provided intelligence support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

Bullshit and blather, then, from Ol' Heel Spurs.