Feces and Fans

Sounds like the Europeans may have had enough of the buffoonery and bluster:

Europe to Trump: Bring it on

During a short preparatory meeting in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Berlin offices, the leaders of several of Europe’s largest countries and the EU coordinated their positions on an array of issues, from trade to terror.

“The fact that we are meeting here today in Berlin is an expression of the fact that Europe is taking more responsibility in turbulent times,” European Council President Donald Tusk said. “We will speak with one voice.”

The gathering’s main point of consensus appeared to be that Europe shouldn’t shy from a confrontation with Trump.

“If free trade is questioned by a member state then we need to address this,” French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters after the meeting.

He added that on key issues where there were divisions, be it climate or terror, “we hope others will see reason.”

Macron’s comments came hours after Merkel took a not-so-subtle swipe at Trump, saying anyone who “believes that the problems of the world can be solved by isolationism and protectionism, is quite mistaken.”

Showtime is next Thursday, July 7.