Hank the Heretic?

Hank Hanegraff, the 'Bible Answer Man'

"Pulpit and Pen, a combative web site that considers Catholicism and Orthodoxy “false expressions of Christianity,” charged that Hanegraaff “has left the biblical Christian faith for (a) Greek Orthodox tradition ... highly driven by graven images” – a reference to the icons, which adorn most Orthodox churches."

"As the news about Hanegraaff spread on social media and the Internet, between 100 and 150 radio stations dropped his nationally syndicated show from their daily lineups.
“That picture of Hank kneeling before a Greek Orthodox priest – that was hard for many evangelicals to see,” said Mike Carbone, chief operating officer at The Truth Network, which booted the “Bible Answer Man” show from six of its stations, including those in Charlotte and Raleigh. “Hank is as likable a guy as you’ll find, but we were not able to go where he was going.”"

These are the same people - the white evangelicals - who do not consider Catholics of any flavor to be 'Christians.' Remember JFK? But their theological certitude and purity is very ... fluid. For decades upon decades they have also considered Mormons, JW's, and others as well as Catholics, to be if not the Minions of Satan then certainly misguided heretic heathens. Until ... they could only get a rich white Mormon (there are a few non-white Mormons floating around. You have to look hard, but they are there) to run against that black Muslim pretender. Then ... it became quite different. The Rich White Mormon received a dispensation (perhaps a form of Protestant indulgence?) from the evangelical God's Vicar on Earth, Billy Graham. Graham declared Mormons to be 'Christians', despite his own decades of ranting to the contrary ... and thus, it was OK for white evangelicals to vote for the Rich White Mormon. Isn't it interesting how their politics guide their theology? Is God really a Republican? Is God really an American conservative? Are all Democrats really godless liberal scum?

But decades upon decades of serving as the go-to guy for questions about the Bible were not sufficient to save Hanegraff. Nope. He's a-goin' ta hail. Yup. He's fallen in with the Jesus-eatin' plaster saint worshipers, and that's that. Never mind The Truth Network and Pulpit and Pen are full of shit and wallowing in abysmal ignorance about any of the Catholic churches. It has been decreed.

It must be nice to have God so solidly on your side that you can shit all over people in his holy name.

And I guess all the Wesleyan types are going to hell in a handbasket, too. Wesley was heavily tainted by the Eastern church, and the Romans, and he was actually an Anglican, and the Anglicans have an order of apostolic succession, unlike their evangelical 'brethren.' I wonder if they can receive a dispensation from Graham Godly Works, LLC.