Trump unhinged (again)

Trump unhinged

Trump also tweeted that “extreme vetting” is necessary to keep our country safe, and added that “the courts are slow and political!”

Well ... Ol' Heel Spurs wanted his intitial Muslim/travel/whatever ban for 90 days, so he and his fellow cartoon characters could implement that 'extreme vetting.'

So far, they have done nothing. Nada. Zip. Ol' Heel Spurs got the high hard one from the courts (that pesky Constitution do git in the way of a good dictatorship, doncher agree?), mostly because of his own stupid twits and inflamatory rhetoric. That threw him into a frenzy of foaming and frothing. Rather than do something constructive, he's pissed away the time trying to beat down the courts, about which he has little if any knowledge and for which he has no respect. Ditto for the Constitution. Much like his base, most of whom think they are constitutional scholars.

“We have put our pens down,” acting U.S. Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Wall told the told the 4th Circuit last month, when questioned about work on new procedures during a separate hearing about the travel ban. Wall said the administration has “done nothing to review the vetting procedures for these countries.”

Where's the 'extreme vetting,' Donnie? Where's that 'leadership?'