A 'Christian' Fast and Furious

Well well well ... and they're such a fine upstanding 'Christian' company, even giving their employees Sundays off to spend time with Jesus.

Hobby Lobby Purchased Thousands of Looted Objects, Smuggled Out of Iraq

This is a freakin' hoot:

"At no time did Hobby Lobby ever purchase items from dealers in Iraq or from anyone who indicated that they acquired items from that country," Green said in his statement. "Hobby Lobby condemns such conduct and has always acted with the intent to protect ancient items of cultural and historical importance."

That, my friends, is what is known as self-righteous bullshit.

"Federal prosecutors say that when Hobby Lobby, which is based in Oklahoma City, began assembling its collection it was warned by an expert on cultural property law to be cautious in acquiring artifacts from Iraq, which in some cases have been looted from archaeological sites.

Despite that warning and other red flags the company in December 2010 purchased thousands of items from a middle-man, without meeting the purported owner, according to prosecutors."

No, they never bought from a dealer. Their middleman did. If these were guns, we'd be looking at Fast and Furious.

Hobby Lobby is the 'Christian' company whose stores are overflowing with Chinese goods.

A 'Christian' company that makes its money from a regime that is one of the world's most oppressive persecutors of Christians.

And now, we have this.

How many Marines and Army troopers did we lose in Iraq? We had our people bleeding and dying over there, while Hobby Lobby was pulling this crap.

True 'Christian' patriots.