So. Two more senators have jumped ship, refusing to accept the abomination that is TrumpCare™. Pence got himself horselaughed out of the governor's convention, figuratively, if not literally, over his 'misconstrual' of how TrumpCare™ will screw over Medicaid. Junior looks ever more like some kind of juvenile fool, dancing at the hands of Russian puppeteers. Much like his low-rent, gilded toilet fixtures 'I won't have time to play golf' old man. The good-little-doggie Trump worshiping 'pastors' taking silly selfies in the Oval Office while laying hands on their Great God Trump look more and more like the political whores they are. The GOP controls the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office, and they can't muster enough juice to wipe their own asses, much less govern These United States. Oh ... and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is refusing to roll out the red carpet for Ol' Heel Spurs. The United States of America, far from being made Great Again, looks like either a bad remake of a Keystone Kops flick, or a redo of the Three Stooges Go to Washington. Perhaps God's trying to tell you something, you buffoons. It's about time to bomb someone. Launch some Tomahawks. Rattle some sabers. Kill a few Muslims. Syrians, perhaps, if that won't offend Putin, the other Great God of the evangelicals. Get the patriotic juices going and distract at least the 81% from the crass, gross incompetence infesting the White House and Congress. And we thought the Democrats were bad. What a farce.