Fake news the 'Christians' love

US Veterans' Brotherhood posted this on their FB page:

Teenage Gang Member Disrespectfully Talks To A 54 Year Old Construction worker.

The 'Christians' are going nuts over it.

They seem to think this 'old' construction worker is administering some well-deserved street justice to some little punk who badmouthed him.

That's not true. The fellow receiving the prolonged beatdown - and who is not fighting back, and who never raised a hand to the 'old' guy - is actually 46-year-old Anthony Thomas. Thomas tried to stop the 'old' guy from beating up some teenagers who had put their feet up on the back of the 'old' guy's seat. I can't think of a better reason to beat the shit out of someone than that, can you?

Here is the full video:

and here is the Fox5 story on it. It's from Fox, so it must be true:

Man arrested for brutal assault

How anyone can find this to be a good example of 'Christian' behavior totally escapes me. Even if the beatee *was* mouthing off ... do we really get into fistfights with half-witted morons over it? I guess that 'turn the other cheek' thing is just so much bullshit. Augustine and Aquinas would both have had a field day with this one.