The hero d'jour for America's white Christian evangelicals - at least the 81% - is a fellow who goes by the Reddit moniker 'HanAssholeSolo.' This is the guy who edited the video of the fake fight from some years back, wherein Ol' Heel Spurs is shown thumping 'FakeNews' CNN.

White 'Christian' evangelicals are known to collapse in writhing faints over the use of 'curse words,' so it's really interesting that they once again apply a double standard. 'Asshole' apparently is quite acceptable to them in the context of CNN bashing. But that's not the real expression of double standards here.

HanAssholeSolo has been posting some interesting garbage for quite some time, over in his little nest of anonymous vipers on Reddit. He likes to post racist and anti-Semitic stuff as well as bash CNN and praise his Lord, Ol' Heel Spurs.

CNN tracked him down. CNN tracked him down using info and data than anyone with an ounce of intelligence and the ability to research could find. Ted Cruz, another paragon of 'Christian' virtue, thinks that CNN was criminal in this behavior. That's an interesting thought, and let's see how far he gets with it, but that's not the real story here.

Once CNN tracked HanAssholeSolo down, HAS (for short) wet his pants and started backpedaling all over the place. He even issued a long, rambling apology for his racist and anti-Semitic rants, and even for the rather idiotic (though the white Christian evangelists love it) GIF/video of the CNN bashing.

HanAssholeSolo lacks the courage of his convictions.

He's like that other group of White Christian Americans who engage in racist, anti-Semitic rants, and who are avid Trump supporters. Pull their hoods off, and they too run like cockroaches exposed to the light.

White evangelical America. Just another variation on a theme, so it seems. One group uses hoods and robes to hide under; today's 'hero' being worshiped by white Christian America - or at least the 81% - hides behind his 'asshole' moniker. Got news for ya, white 'Christian' evangelical America ... the 'asshole' thing fits very well.

Burning crosses, anyone?