Inauguration crowds

Top US envoy Nikki Haley says 'everybody knows' Putin meddled in our elections but Trump told him ‘cut it out’

Everybody knows that Russia meddled in our elections. Everybody knows that they’re not just meddling in the United States’ election. They’re doing this across multiple continents, and they’re doing this in a way that they’re trying to cause chaos within the countries.

Not according to Ol' Heel Spurs. Or maybe not. The man seems to vacillate back and forth on that. Russia never hacked. Well, maybe they did. Then he 'forcefully' confronted Putin about the hacking. Then maybe the Russians didn't. It might have been 'many other countries.'

Where Ol' Heel Spurs is with this seems totally dependent on how recently he swapped spit with Bad Vlad.

Meanwhile ... back to comparing photos of inauguration crowds ...