It's magic!

For their next magic trick, the GOP will attempt tax reform.

Basically, that will involve cutting taxes for the rich.
Administration officials have been working toward a proposal for months, with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn, neither of whom has deep expertise on tax policy, meeting behind closed doors with CEOs, businesses and tax experts.
“We are trying to actually be organized here. There are lots of internal strategy meetings on communications and policy,” said one senior White House official. “The administration has been working with outside groups, CEOs and businesses and has met frequently with conservative activists, who too could kill a plan.”
“We know this is even more important now, and the president is engaged on it,” the White House aide added.
In the absence of a confirmed assistant secretary for tax policy at Treasury, the NEC’s Shahira Knight has been acting as the face of the administration’s tax push. Recently, she spoke to groups such as the Tax Council, National Association of Manufacturers, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s tax committee on the administration’s path forward on tax reform, according to lobbyists present at those sessions.
Although Knight did not offer a specific time frame for when the administration would release its tax blueprint, she told attendees at the recent Tax Council session that the White House wanted Congress to use its template for a tax bill.
The senior administration official said the White House hopes to start rolling out a tax blueprint in August and then “build on it.”
So look at that.
The Treasury Secretary has no 'deep expertise' on tax policy. Neither does the director of the National Economic Council.
But they are actually 'trying' to be organized. They are going to 'start rolling out a blueprint' in August. Then build on it.
The current mouthpiece on tax policy is NEC's Shahira Knight, who speaks because ... we have no assistant secretary for tax policy. With a majority in the Senate, the GOP still doesn't have a 'confirmed' assistant secretary for tax policy. David Kautter is the nominee; Trump finally made that nomination on May 10. What's the holdup?