Ivanka's 'life work'

"Ivanka Trump published a book this spring declaring that improving the lives of working women is “my life’s mission.” Her father continually urges companies to “buy American and hire American.” But her fashion line’s practices collide with those principles — and are out of step with industry trends, The Washington Post found.

Ivanka Trump’s brand does not disclose the countries where its goods are made or the factories that produce them. Using clothing labels, The Post traced her products to Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Low-wage laborers in these countries often aren’t able to advocate for themselves.

K., a 26-year-old sewing-machine operator who works at a factory in Indonesia that produced Ivanka-branded knit dresses, told The Post that she makes the equivalent of $173 a month, the West Java province region’s minimum wage.

The brand’s business is “growing rapidly,” according to the company’s president, Abigail Klem. Revenue was up 21 percent in 2016, with continuing growth in 2017, executives said."