Made in America

Ol' Heel Spurs 'Made in America Week' turned out to be a bit of a fizzle.

Apparently it's hard to find that many companies that actually make things in America.

Including, as it turns out, Trump Industries:

This week was supposed to be “made in America week.” Unfortunately, the festivities were ruined by the president’s own Mar-a-Lago golf club applying for 70 visas from the government to bring in foreign workers.

Trump’s Made in America Week Shows Us Why Nothing Is Made in America Anymore

There's a bit of hyperbole in that headline; some things are still made in America. Just not by Trump's family brand.

Made in America week was meant to kick of with 50 brands—one from each state—on the White House lawn to celebrate “each state’s effort and commitment to American-made products.” Noticeably absent? Any Trump family brand, disqualified because they’re largely manufactured in places like China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. When reporters brought this fact up with press secretary Sean Spicer, his defensive reaction spoke volumes: “There are certain supply chains or scalability that may not be available in this country.” Spicer and the Trumps know that producing clothing on such a mainstream level while keeping prices low for a mainstream customer simply isn't possible.

Caterpillar remains one of Ol' Heel Spurs' faves, but Caterpillar actually employs more people outside the US than in its US facilities. Here's a look at Caterpillar's Chinese plants.

We have to wonder at how much of that 966M on the White House lawn, that was 'built' in American, was actually 'made' in America.

No matter. Ol' Heel Spurs' weekend Twitstorm dealt with the vital issues of the day - his 'complete power to pardon' (a bit of thinking ahead?); the 'Amazon WaPo;' the Hillary emails; and SessionsGate, wherein Massa Jeff's meetings with Kislyak seemed to hold Ol' Heel Spurs' rather short attention span.

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