"The anger commenced not long after Tuesday’s collapse of the Senate GOP bill to replace Obamacare. The Senate Conservatives Fund promised to "identify, recruit, and fund conservative challengers” to GOP lawmakers who vote against a clean repeal."
There's a reason why these people won't vote for clean repeal. Go ahead, GOP, shaft these guys and move even further to the right. Open the door for the Democrats. What the hey, they may be a gaggle of far left whackos, but at least they can pass legislation and govern. We may not entirely like the legislation, and we may not entirely like the way they govern, but at least they can do it.

Ol' Heel Spurs and Chris Christie show just what vindictive bastards they are:

The other hit for Guadagno comes right here in New Jersey, where Gov. Chris Christie's top  fundraisers privately say they are sitting out the race because, in part, she's been deemed disloyal to the governor after criticizing him on several issues, including his stay at the governor's beach house during the state shutdown.

Taken together, the withdrawals could cost Guadagno millions of dollars as she heads into the crucial weeks of her campaign against wealthy Democrat Phil Murphy, who spent $21.7 million during his primary campaign.

Yep. Open the door for the Democrats. Meanwhile ... Chris Christie gets a load from his fans: