The new wogs

The latest on what the Clowns of Congress are trying to pull out of the their backsides ... including the latest twits from the Twit-in-Chief.
This is rich:
"For all their years of campaign vows to repeal and replace Obamacare, they never put in the hard work of crafting consensus legislation to replace it."
They've had eight years, and the best they can come up with is ... let's just repeal Obamacare and start over.
Meanwhile, where does this genius leadership leave those who are dumped out of Obamacare?
I suppose they could all go to work in one of Ivanka's sweatshops. No ... wait ... she's all about offshore, where she doesn't have to worry about paying all those wogs bennies like healthcare.
Perhaps we can get the Pastoral Whores of the Oval Office to pray for the poor:
"And Trump's temple preachers looked down into the pit of injustice and they turned away their faces and said, 'Our kingdom is not as the kingdom of this world. Our life on earth is but a pilgrimage. The soul lives on humility and patience,' at the same time screwing from the poor their last centime. They settled down among their treasures and ate and drank with princes and to the starving they said 'Suffer, suffer as he suffered on the cross, for it is the will of God."


Wog: In British English, "wog" is an offensive racial slur usually applied to black, Middle Eastern, or South Asian/Maritime Southeast Asian peoples. In Australian English, "wog" is a term used as a racial slur mostly for people from Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region in general, including the Mediterranean region of the Middle East (i.e., the Eastern Mediterranean or the Levant and North Africa). In modern America, it can be applied by those who hold a 'conservative' political viewpoint to anyone not a 'conservative,' and who is poor. Race and ethnicity are important considerations to 'conservatives' in applying the term, but poor whites are also included in the term.