Trumpian apologetics

We are seeing a new approach to Trumpian apologetics now.

It's the 'Everyboy does it' defense.

Well ... first ... no ... not 'everybody' does it. Not even close.

Second, that's about the most morally corrupt of the false logic arguments.

Newt Gingrich: "“If somebody in the middle of the campaign walks in the door and says ‘I have information that will harm your opponent,’ virtually every campaign in the world will say show me, what do you have.

You will recall that Gingrich's ethical challenges cost him his position as Speaker of the House; the tarnish also badly damaged the Republican presence in the House. It appears that he has learned nothing from the experience.

Sam Nunberg: “What would have happened if … somebody contacted Chelsea [Clinton] from Ireland, said they had dirt on Trump from a foreign investment or something? Would they not take that meeting? I’m not saying it’s a nice thing, but this is politics.”

That's an interesting view from one of the 'swamp drainers.' But how is a 'foreign investment' a 'foreign government,' and in particular, one that was hacking the US election process.

But the best one comes from a darling of the 'Christian' Right, self-proclaimed 'Christian' watchdog Todd Starnes. Starnes, a staunch Baptist, spends his time whipping his followers into a frenzied froth, using half-truths and innuendo about 'persecuted' Christians in America. He is not troubled by truth or reason. His line: “If digging up dirt on your political opponent is a crime, then what about Mrs. Bill Clinton?”

Ah. Indeed.

But I thought things were going to be so much better than the Clinton Crime Syndicate. If that is so, why is Starnes - and the rest of his ilk - using the Clinton Crime Syndicate as their ethical standard?

And ... all I can say to Starnes and the rest of his 'religious' followers is this:
It's a good thing for us that Jesus did not subscribe to the Starnesian ethical and moral standard during his camping trip out in the desert. Had Jesus succumbed to the Temptations, his reasoning would have been "Well, Satan did it!"

And where would that have left humanity? And where then, does that pathetic reasoning presented by Gingrich, Nunberg, Starnes, and all the rest of the Trumpian apologists leave America?

Perhaps these fellows, and especially Starnes the Baptist, would do better to peruse the scribblings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, on the relationship of church and state. On the role of Christianity in the secular world.

The 'cost of discipleship' does not include the selling of one's soul to the gods and gospel of politics. Indeed, it is quite the opposite.