Who knew what, and when

Mini-Donald's major fail

There’s no proof that Donald Trump Sr. knew of the meeting with the Russian lawyer, though there’s this: In the week between its scheduling and its occurrence back in June 2016, he made public remarks in which he said he’d be delivering a special speech about Clinton’s wrongdoing that was set — oh so interestingly, in retrospect — for a few days after the meeting. But that meeting, we’re now told, was a bust, with no great trove of Clinton-wounding revelations, and the speech didn’t happen as promised.

So ... Don Jonny Junior was going to this meeting, expecting to receive some real dirt.

Ol' Heel Spurs said he'd be spewing a special about Clinton dirt.

Then there was no dirt from the meeting .... and no special spewing.

Tell me there's no connection. And that Ol' Heel Spurs didn't know about it.